Underwater Photography

I am proud to be one of South Africa’s top underwater fashion fine art photographers.

Underwater photography is my love and my passion and normally I would stop anything else to be able to dive into water and take photographs!

I’ve been working as an underwater photographer for more than 5 years now – and it all started purely by accident. I was spending a weekend with friends by a beautiful lake and started to wonder how it might look if I photographed my gorgeous friend underwater.

Before we took the trip, I had bought quite primitive water housing and was looking forward to trying it out. Well, unfortunately that particular weekend turned out too cold, so I never got in the water there. But because I already had the underwater housing, I arranged to borrow a swimming pool and my friend came along to model for me the following week.

The moment my stunning friend dived underwater and exhaled a little bit of air in a trail of sparkly bubbles, and her hair and dress flowed effortlessly around her – I was hooked. It was such a surreal, beautiful sight that I just knew I had to explore underwater photography further.

Since then, I’ve had around a hundred underwater shoots. I have perfected my technique, worked on my backgrounds and have built big underwater wardrobe – but most importantly, I’ve learned how exactly I must guide the person I photograph. The majority of us are not ‘natural mermaids’ and need a little guidance to learn and how to move and flow underwater. This is what leads to the perfect shot.

I photograph mostly in the safety of swimming pools, using natural light. You can expect the water temperature to be around 28C. My underwater photography shoots last 2-3 hours, which includes time for choosing and fitting costumes, make up and time for tea in between.

I have been published and interviewed in many international magazines. You can see and purchase some of my work in the Exposure Gallery in Cape Town.

I specialize in underwater portraits, underwater fashion, underwater maternity, bridal, children and couples.

Underwater photo session starts at R3500. Contact me today to find out more.

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